Why office work is not for me

April 29, 2008

I bumped into two of my ex-colleagues today after meeting up with my girlfriend, who is also my client. The two gentlemen were having coffee when I passed them by. They asked me where I was attached to  and when I told them I am a full-time unit trust consultant, one of them let out a laughter. Apparently a few of our common friends had gone into unit trust business. 

My ex-colleagues and me spoke about  a lot of things, from property to my two children. One of them is still attached to the company which I left a year ago while the other writes on a freelance basis. I asked the freelance writer if he would ever go back to the company which we both left. His answer was, “depends on how much they pay me,” and laughed.

When he asked me the same question, I told him that working in an office environment doesn’t suit me anymore. Interestingly enough just a day ago, when I went back to my old office to offer my service as a unit trust consultant I met up with one of the big bosses there. He asked me if I would come back and work with him. He also offered a new role for me and asked me to think about it.

I must admit that it feels really good to know that I am still wanted. But the more I think about it the more assured I am that unit trust is the career for me. 

I begun thinking about an alternative career after giving birth to my first child in 2002. Back then I was a journalist. One of my ex-colleagues recruited me and I got my unit trust license in 2003. However, I never had the guts to leave my full time job to sell unit trust. Somehow the idea scared me. Probably at the time I had a fixed belief about sales. Thanks to a bad experience in an MLM business!

I soon forgot about my intention. So, when I quit my job last year the last thing on my mind was unit trust. Instead, I embarked on freelance writing immediately after quitting journalism. That too was because I was approached by my contact. However things weren’t always that good. The money was slow and I sometimes get paid 6 months later. Worst still, I got conned a few times. A few people I worked for disappeared together with my write-ups as well as a few proposals and concepts for TV programs. 

Financially, I depended on my husband a lot. Being a generous man, he had never complained. However having been financially independent since I completed my degree, this was not easy for me. I like having my own money and missed the satisfaction of contributing to our househould .

So when a friend suggested that I join her at her work place, I jumped at the opportunity. I was so ready to go back to full time job as I  thought I missed the adrenalin rush of meeting deadlines, the dressing up, being able to shop at the end of the month and off course, the the girls/colleagues lunch break.

However when I started my new job in PR/Media in January this year, the reality was something else. Even though the pay was great, I didn’t like the corporate culture and the rigidity of office hours. I observed how people around me had to work long and irregular hours and thought to myself that if I had to leave my kids behind, it had to be for something really worth my while. And I would like my reward to commensurate with my efforts.

That was when I started thinking about unit trust. I have no problem working hard but it has to be for the right reason and I need to be properly compensated. Also, I need to have some form of flexibility. In the event that my kids fall sick I would like to have the freedom of taking time off work without having to ask for permission to do so.

To top it all I have reached  a stage where I don’t embark on something for the sake of just “testing the water”. Whatever I do, I do it with the intention of making it happen and with full commitment. 






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