Good consultant gives good service

April 30, 2008

When I buy something, I usually do it because I am happy with the service. On the other hand, no matter how bad I want an item, if I am being treated badly by the salesperson, I would just walk away. 

On my way to my appointment just now, I thought about the importance of good services. And if it matters to me, it must matter to other people.

I recently went for a training and one of the things I learned was to do the “little things” for my clients better than everyone else. 

I had a long chat with a woman who is in her 40’s, this afternoon. She told me she had given up on unit trust consultants. I don’t blame her. She was “neglected” by one and her existing consultant, based on what she related to me, did not provide her with a good service.

My heart just went out to her when she told me about her experiences and the kind of advice (or rather the lack of it) that she received. So, I sat down with her and explained what unit trust investment is all about. 

Unit Trust is a LONG TERM investment, unless a consultant educate her client, it will be very hard to maintain a long and trusting relationship. 

Much to my surprise, the woman had never heard of the rule of 72, which is a formula to calculate how long it takes to double an investment, the strategy involved in unit trust investment as well as compounding interests. 

She openly told me that she invested in her current consultant because she wanted to help her (the consultant). This woman who like most people, worked really hard for her money said, apart from seeing her consultant’s  face on the newspaper, she hardly ever met her.

“She travels all over the world (she must have qualified for overseas trips due to good sales). However she didn’t have time for me,” she said.

When investing in unit trust one of the most important things to look for is the service. If your consultant is not giving you a good service, it is time to dump him/her. A good consultant is one who educate his/her clients so that they (the clients) are able to make an informed decision with regards to investments.


One Response to “Good consultant gives good service”

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    in case some of your investments go south. Putting all of your eggs in a single
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    a downturn.

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