A life lesson is like a viral disease, it has to run its course. No antibiotics please!

June 3, 2008

I have not gone to work for a week now. First my son had chicken pox. Luckily it was a mild one as he’s been given chicken pox vaccine when he was around 1 year old. According to the doctor who attended to my son, 5% of children still get chicken pox even after they are given the vaccine. 

Two days after my son got the chicken pox, my daughter and I developed a temperature. Followed by my husband. The kids are fine now but both my husband and I are down with Hand, Food and Mouth Disease (HFMD). And I thought HFMD only affect pre-schoolers! Well, according to a friend the new strain affect adults too! Not sure how true this is but it definitely is true in the case of my husband and I.

I remember just before school closed for holidays recently, my baby-sitter told me the other two kids whom she also baby sit, are already on school break. The reason, the school had to close as some of the children had HFMD. I remember thinking if it’s something I should worry about as my kids are with them most part of the day. And if they were exposed to it, they might be carriers. But I stopped short at that.

Several things happened after I got infected by the disease, which really were an eye-opener!

I went to the doctor last Saturday after developing blisters on my hands, feet and mouth.  My usual doctor wasn’t there so I was attended by another doctor. The moment she heard my son had chicken pox she was quick to diagnosed me as having chicken pox as well. She gave me the prognosis without even bother looking at my blisters, or checking my temperature.

Then when I collected my medicine, I realised she had dispensed antibiotics for my supposedly viral infection ( i.e chicken pox). My husband and I were completely shocked!

On top of that she also gave my hubby the same prognosis as mine simply because our son had chicken pox. And, even after we told them we had had chicken pox before!

When I went home, I surfed the Internet for information. All my symptoms pointed towards HFMD. I found out that HFMD is a disease which is caused by virus and that it has to run its course.  Doctors don’t normally dispense medicine for viral diseases unless it’s really serious.  

If I had taken the doctor’s words for it and taken the medicine she prescribed me, I wonder what would have happened. 

So yesterday (on Monday) I went to see my regular doctor who confirmed that I have HFMD. He said since it’s highly contagious I need to stay home and not mix with other people.

My husband and I had been home since. I have been quite stressed out lately, I must say. And I see this as the Greater being’s way of handling things for me so I would slow down and take a breather. I was initially worried about not being able to work for many days. The best part about my job is I can take off when I want without asking for anyone’s permission. But no work means no $ for me. In the end, it all worked out. Right after I decided to just surrender to what life has in store for me. And what a relieve it is!




One Response to “A life lesson is like a viral disease, it has to run its course. No antibiotics please!”

  1. Your Friend Ian Says:

    On the farm, animals with F&M disease are shot. So yeah, best you stay at home dude!

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