How do you deal with a 7-year-old bully?

April 22, 2009

Today I confronted a girl at my daughter’s school after I saw her being rude and bossy to my daughter  in front of my own eyes. The girl is in the same class as my daughter. Every Wednesday they both attend rhythmic gymnastic practice.  The girl who is slightly taller than an average 7-year-old is also the class assistant monitor.

My daughter has told me of several occasions when she was bullied by this particular girl. And whenever my daughter asked her why she was mean, she would tell her because she is the assistant monitor.

I noticed that the girl started picking on my daughter after I refused to give her money. I gave her money once when she told me she didn’t have any to buy drinks. Then the next week she asked me for another RM1. I told her I can’t keep giving her money and if she wants any, she should ask from her own parents. Her answer was, “It’s ok, just give me and I won’t tell my mum. If she doesn’t know she won’t get angry.” I ended up giving her just 50 sen but told her it was not right for her to ask money from other people and that she should not keep secrets from her mum.I then told her that it was the last time she’s getting any money from me.

After that incident my daughter sometimes told me things like, the girl pushed her, tried to take her wallet, smack her, took her water tumbler and yelled at her for going to the toilet.

So today, when she was rude to my daughter, I confronted her about  the things she did to my daughter. First she denied it.  But after that she challenged me to name the dates of the incidents! I was shocked at how conniving this girl was.

At this, I told her off course I don’t remember the exact date and that if she ever repeated her actions I will let her parents and teacher know about it. After a while, she insisted that she never did any of those things. And, while staying put in front of me, at the school canteen, tears started rolling down her eyes.  Soon after she began to cry.

I then asked her why she was crying as I wasn’t angry at her or scolding her. I just wanted to know why she bullied my daughter and do not want those things to happen again. I ended up taking her to the toilet to get her clean up and left after telling her that it was not okay to use her position as assistant monitor to bully others.

I realise that the girl craves attention but probably doesn’t know how to ask for it. Since day one she had told me to hangout with her on Wednesdays as her parents were busy working and din’t have time to come check on her after gymnastic class.

I hope the girl would stop picking on my daughter as well as other kids but knowing how manipulative she is I am a little skeptical.

I mean how do you deal with these kinds of kids? I do not like to tell other people how to raise their kids but if other children cause problems to mine, I am not going  to keep quiet and be okay with it.


One Response to “How do you deal with a 7-year-old bully?”

  1. Tasnim Says:

    Children are like sponge,they absorb and learn from people close to them. As I see it, it reflects the parents. In situation like this, usually I have compassion towards them especially the child as she is not aware what is happening to her..I wish her well in her path and may her innerself guide her

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