“Something Stupid”

June 15, 2009

I never really pay attention to song lyrics unless it’s a song that I really really like. And most of the times I probably pick up just enough words, so I can sing along.

I was driving the kids the other day with the song “Something Stupid” by Robbie William and Nicole Kidman, playing in the background. All of a sudden my seven-year-old daughter demanded, “What’s stupid about saying I love you?”. I don’t blame her, after all, at home, we always say I love you, to each other.

My son who is three, on the other hand took it as a cue to repeat the word “stupid”, many times. And, I know better than to make a big deal of it as he finds excitement in doing things he’s told not to.

My daughter made a good point while I doubt that my son had any idea what stupid meant.

One of my friends, who read my FB status on this, commented, “who would have thought that the song needs parental guidance advisory on the album cover!”

This is not the first time that I was caught off guard. And as a mum, I am also aware that no amount of warning or advisory could prepare me.

Children are equipped with a radar that seems to be working 24/7. I just don’t know when they’ll put me to task with what they pick up.

Another friend said she knew it was no laughing matter but found it hard not to laugh about it. Well, the thing is, so did I. My challenge that day was to keep a straight face and not make  a big deal out of it.


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