Cooking with love

July 7, 2009


I made pancakes for breakfast this morning. And, had to put some effort to flip them as they were quite sticky. My daughter, who was next to me said, “if you cook with a lot of love, it would be easier to flip the pancakes, mummy.”

Children says the most amazing things some time. Thing is, I don’t enjoy cooking all that much and it’s no secret among my family. So, today when my daughter said those words to me, she hit home run! Yeah, it really hit me! But not in the way that it made me angry or upset. Nothing emotional. I mean, I heard the words “cooking with love,” many a time. But not in the way that I could relate to, this morning.

You see, almost every time I go to the kitchen to cook or fix something, I tell myself, it’s gonna be a disaster. Or that cooking is not my thing. Or that it’s a chore. I was attracting kitchen disaster all along!

My husband on the other hand, is great at cooking. He makes cooking look easy and the end result; always yummy. My kids especially my daughter, loves watching him cook. They look forward to cooking with daddy.

My husband enjoys each and every process involved in cooking. From shopping for the items to savouring his creation. In fact he is passionate about food!

So, when my daughter suggested that putting a lot of love makes a difference to the  cooking, I realised that all this while, I had left out the main ingredient.


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