Caught in the rain

October 7, 2009


We were at the park the other day when it started pouring. It happened so fast that we could not run for shelter. In fact, by the time my 3-year-old son moved from the swing to his bike, we were already drenched.

At this point it dawned on me, there was no point of rushing home as we were already soaked. However, my mommy brain insisted that I perform what is commonly termed as motherly duty. Get my son out of the rain and head straight home. But I decided to shut off my mommy brain.

When I was small, I used to play in the rain whenever I had the chance to, except during thunder and storm (just in case you are wondering). In fact the kids I grew up with did the same.

I used to live in a teacher’s quarters as my parents were teachers. My house was in the school compound and I would walk to school everyday. Walking home from school gets even more exciting when it rained. I would put my school shoes in my bag and play in the puddle! I also enjoyed squishing the mud and the soft, gooey red earth with my feet! Imagine the mud and puddles that occupied me as I had to pass a huge field before reaching home!

Things must have changed since. One afternoon, several months ago my husband, my two kids and me went for a picnic at the Kiara Park. It rained right after we finished lunch. We ended up sitting in a hut watching the heavy rain and a man-made waterfall nearby. As it started  to drizzle, I let my son and daughter go out  in the open.

The moment my son started running on the grass an elderly woman began to give me a piece of unsolicited advise. She just went on and on, basically questioning our decision to let the kids play outside in a wet weather. I took her words with a pinch of salt (actually more like tonnes of salt).

I guess people don’t play in the rain as they used to. Or maybe it’s just the grownups who don’t. Or maybe as we grow older we forget how to have fun or cease to remember the things that shape our childhood.

Whatever it is this grownup is glad she stayed in the rain and let her son did the same that very day at the park. My son and me had so much fun. We ended up laughing all the way home.


2 Responses to “Caught in the rain”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    hey girl,
    What an interesting blog! Love it 🙂

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