In search of a playschool for active kids

October 12, 2009


Three months after my three-year-old son started playschool he refused to return. He’d given me indications that he wasn’t that interested in the school. But I didn’t take him seriously at first.

My intention of sending him to a play school is so he can play with other children around his age. And my idea of a play school is a place where young children learn through play. In fact that was the understanding that I got from looking at the school’s toddlers program as well as from my conversation with the supervisor.

But I soon found out that the teacher expected my son to sit still in class. This is impossible as he is a very active child. And if something doesn’t capture him there is no way he will give it any attention. Almost everyday when I picked him up from school he complained about being scolded by the teacher, “because I didn’t listen.”

I tried talking to the teacher who labeled my son as “hyper” in his first week at school. (I later realised her choice of word was due to her lack of understanding of the word “hyper”. She is also more fluent in Malay than in English). I told her that I just wanted to get my son to play with other kids but she was more keen on getting my son to hold a pencil correctly! She also  complained that my son didn’t want to share and have very short attention span.

I then decided to send my son to playschool three times a week instead of the 5-day week routine. As I felt the teacher could not provide my son with the activities he needed. My son picked up what he learned in school despite the teacher’s claim of him having short attention span. But he also showed sign of distress like when he hold a pencil at home, he would be upset about not knowing how to write numbers. One day he freaked me out when out of the blue he said he wanted to beat the teacher! When I asked him about it, he said he didn’t like the teacher.

A few weeks a go I drove him to school and the moment we reached the place, he refused to get out of the car. He threw a huge tantrum and cried. He asked me to take him to another school.

A week after the incident I got a call from the school supervisor who said they needed my son in school, for a photo session. It was to be a photo session for the school’s coming concert where kids are to pose in their costumes. When I told her my son refused to go to school, she asked me to try to talk to my son and get him to school in 20 minutes so he won’t miss the shoot.

I later had a word with a few friends about this. One friend who also have an active son said it was not easy to find a playschool/kindy for his boy. She felt that the schools here (in Malaysia, unlike in Australia) aren’t suited to boys particularly those with a lot of energy.

So here I go again in search of a playschool that caters to my son’s needs. Possibly, one nearby and not academic oriented.


4 Responses to “In search of a playschool for active kids”

  1. Shiao Shan Says:

    Hi Norlin, my colleague sends her boy, Leroy (same age as Adi) to a school in Taman Seputeh. Leroy was also as active and mischievious as Adi perviously. But now he enjoys going to school. He also goes there for art and craft classes during school holidays. It is also a day care centre until 6.30pm. Not sure You may want to give it a try despite the distance. It’s Ree’s Kendergaten. You may contact CIndy/Quinnie at 22747081.

    • Norlin Says:

      Hey Shiao Shan, thanks for the info. I’ve found a few potential schools and may check this one out as well. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  2. Anthony Says:

    I glad reading your post. Thank for share nice information.

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