Full-time Mum/Entrepreneur – A Possible Combo

October 19, 2009

I am really glad that last  Friday, I dragged myself out of the house and went to Fit For 2 in Bangsar, for its Bumps, Mums and Muffins session.

That day the topic was on starting a business from home. When Debbie, owner of  Fit For 2,  posted the event via Facebook, I knew it was a session I wouldn’t  miss.

There, several women shared their experiences on working a business around their children time while others spoke of their ideas and challenges.

Like some of these women, the main reason why I want to work from home is so I am able to work around my family time, particularly my two children.

I have tried being a working mum and a full-time mum but neither worked for me. What I have always wanted for myself since the day my daughter was born, was to find something that gives me income, yet I can do mostly from home.

At the same time I am not interested in multilevel marketing as my experience was, I ended up being the end user. What more, the amount of time that I would have to spend outside of  my home recruiting and attending meeting and seminar is not something I want to invest in.

That very day, Anita who is a SAHM,  shared with us how she started her quilt business via her blog  http://www.quiltsandothers.blogspot.com/ The mother of two also offered tips on how to register a business while Debbie gave us some ideas on how to work out the pricing of a product.

They also mentioned the importance of support from husbands and the significance of doing things that one is passionate about.

As I recently launched my new website editorexpress which offers editorial services, I find the the session very helpful. Just knowing that  there are mothers out there who are doing well at juggling their roles as a full time mum and a business owner, make me realise that I am on track.


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