Being creative helps make work from home, fun

December 1, 2009

I’ve been cracking my head for days, trying to figure out what to write for my next post. I have to admit I got a little restless thinking about it. It didn’t help that I wasn’t able to find some quiet time to focus on writing. I guess, this can only mean that I wasn’t present in what I did in the last few days.

The thing about juggling work and children from home is I need to be organised and creative.  While being organised comes with experience and habits, I am still working on my creativity.

I recently found a way to make working from home fun, for both my son and me. We created this pretend play and divided the living room area into two segments. My work area and his playschool. So I told him, whenever I am at work, he could only communicate with me by calling me on a pretend phone. It worked out well until he started calling me just about every 5 minutes!

It took a while but he soon got used to the idea that he was not supposed to disturb me while I am working. The thing about my son is, if it ain’t fun he ain’t doing it! And a certain game only work with him for so long.

It gets easier during school holidays as my daughter is around and they keep each other company. But as my daughter is four years older than my son they sometimes want to do different things. This is when conflicts arise.

Some days, I just have to tire my son out by doing activities in the morning so I can work while he’s having a little nap, like right now.


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