14 years experience & skills aren’t going to waste after all

December 8, 2009

When I quit my job more than 2 years ago, I did not have a job waiting in line. In fact my decision to leave was more emotional than practical. I just didn’t see the point of working under a boss who had refused to promote me over someone who had been in the department longer (than me). And it wasn’t because I was any less capable.

I was miserable after I left as I felt useless about not earning. For some time, I did not enjoy being a stay-at-home mum (SAHM). I did not know how to not have a job after being in a workforce for almost 14 years.

I also went through a phase where I hated accompanying my husband to official dinner, or events as I felt people were judging me. Some would even cut off their conversation with me the moment they heard that I am a SAHM.

Less than a year later and after some freelance work I decided to go back to a full time job. The reason being, I wanted to make more money. It didn’t take me long to realise that juggling a full time job and two children turned me into a monster mum. What more when my husband clocked in long hours and we did not have extra help at home.

I called it quits less than three months into the job. This time around it wasn’t an emotional decision. Though I did more often than not, wonder whether all the skills that I picked up along the way would ever found a place? Or just become rusty.

You see, I worked as reporter for nine years and as a multimedia journalist for more than 4 years. I have video editing, producing and script writing skills. I also have experience in PR and Media, from my last job. But when I decided to resume freelance work, my focus was just on writing.

Today it dawned on me that the skills that I picked up during the 14 years that I was in the workforce, have now become relevant! Thanks to blogs and social media.

I began to see how I can use the skills I already have, on my blog. How did I discover this? Through the news/stories I read on other sites which had provided me with information and hopes. I am also thankful to MyAlltop, my source of news. Having access to it has changed the way I derive information.


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