New choices, amazing discoveries & celebration of friendships

December 25, 2010

When I began 2010, I was very sure I’d be blogging more than I did the year before. However asĀ  the year progressed, I started to write lesser and lesser.

The irony was, in the same year, I found myself making decisions which I never thought I would. Like homeschooling.


Our decision to homeschool has changed the family's dynamics to a whole new level

Since I have been absent from my own blog for the most part of the year, I decided to come up with the highlights of our activities.

In other words this is an attempt for me to make up for all the months I didn’t update asknorlin.

As I chose the photos, I came to realise what a huge amount of time we’d spent exploring the outdoors . Probably the most we’ve done by far!

I do wish however that I’ve taken more pictures during some of our trips. Now, if only I had remembered the camera!


Apparently the Kuala Lumpur Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is one of the two places in the world which offers this view.

This year, I’m so happy to say that my children and I made a lot of new friends. We also hooked up with some amazing home/un-schoolers.

On top of it all, we also managed to catch up with some friends whom we haven’t seen in years!


Aditya & Jasmine first saw each other when they were just babies.

The following four posts are on our 2010 highlights.


2 Responses to “New choices, amazing discoveries & celebration of friendships”

  1. Melysa Says:

    Love the photography of FRIM !

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