Jan-March, 2010

December 25, 2010

Aditya’s birthday, fell in January. We celebrated him turning 4 at our home where he got to play with friends at our newly built treehouse!

Aditya's surprised birthday cake, the Action Chugger

In February, we bought a rabbit from a pet shop. Ishra named her Baby Jane. She died two weeks later. Ishra cried for days.

Check out the eyes. A riend who saw her photo commented, "she's got a serious Lady Gaga going on!"

Ishra’s birthday fell late February and she chose to celebrate it with her friends from Sarina’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (SRGC), which is the rhythmic gymnastics club she goes to.

In March, we enrolled Ishra into an inline skating class, as her birthday gift.

Ishra took up skating & got really great at it!

Aditya didn’t want to miss out yet was too young for the class. So, he settled for a scooter instead.

One morning, I spotted a baby bird lying on our mailbox.

A few days later while kicking soccer ball with the kids I discovered a bird’s nest up on our treehouse. We put the baby bird we found back into the nest with its other sibling.

The next week, the birds left the nest. We actually witnessed the baby birds learn to fly!

Reunited... baby birds in the nest, up on our treehouse


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