About norlin

I am a mother of two who works from home. I run editor Express (EE), a small setup which offers editorial services like writing, proofreading, editing, translation as well as PR & Media consultancy.

I was a journalist with a local news daily, The Star, for 13-and-a-half years (1993 -2007) before calling it quits. I later did several freelance jobs, followed by a short stint in PR and Media with the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

The crazy work hours made me reassess my priorities and tried out a few things so I could have more time with my family especially my two beautiful kids.

I started this blog when I joined Public Mutual as a Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) in 2008. However due to my choice to be actively involved in my kids’ lives, I realised that being UTC didn’t suit me. The role requires a lot of commitment and hours outside my home.

With that in my mind, my husband helped me kickstart EE. For the record, I am very passionate about writing as it is to me a great way to express myself. I am currently working on children storybooks and plan to homeschool my kids soon.


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