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The view

June 22, 2009

Picture 141

We went camping at this spot about a month ago. It’s humbling to be able to wake up to the spectacular view and the soothing sound of nature.

The kids get to experience wildlife firsthand, here too.

This is a designated Marine Park. Teluk Kekek, is located in Perhentian Besar, an island off Terengganu, a northeastern state of Malaysia.

It is highly recommended for families who enjoy the outdoor.

There is a toilet facility nearby and a little hawker stall for those who prefer not to cook.


Camping with the kids — our first ever!

May 8, 2009

My son Aditya loves wide open space where he’s free to run around. He’s a ball of energy, loves the water, climbing and can’t sit still. Well, with the exception of bedtime stories, Little Einstein and Animal Mechanical.


Miles, Aditya & Ishra

My daughter on the other hand is a glamour puss. She loves clothes, Barbies, fancy restaurants, hotels and room service.

In fact my kids have completely opposite personalities. It’s obvious from the way they operate.

My husband’s mate from university came to visit recently. So since both my husband and Miles love camping we decided to rough it out and go for a camping trip during the labour-day weekend. This was to be our first ever, with the kids!

I haven’t done much camping except for the time I traveled in Europe. That was more than 10 years ago and I was still single. And I didn’t enjoy it all that much, apart from the view and the company.

However, this time I was willing to give camping a go since I am at a phase where I enjoy being around nature. Plus, lately a lot of great things happen when I surrender and go with the flow.

We pitched a tent along Cherating beach at what appeared to be a lovers’ spot. It was quite a secluded area except for several couples who appeared to be on hot dates.

And while the boys (my husband and Miles) were pitching the tent,  I saw a few couples on motorbikes and driving their cars, coming our way. But, they turned back soon as they saw us.

The sandy beach was beautiful, the tides can be quite strong depending on the time of the day. Miles taught the kids to catch the waves and swam back to shore. They made huge sand castle and a huge turtle sand sculpture.

We walked along the beach, soaked in the sun, collected some shells, swam in the sea and played card games. It was one of the most fun and enjoyable holidays we’ve had.

The boys cooked fried rice, fish and made squid salad in the two nights we were there . We also had hot chocolate and  roast some marshmallows over the campfire.

It rained on both nights but luckily we had a waterproof tent. It seemed to have a strong resistant against the wind too. The children were a bit restless and uncomfortable at night as it tend to get a little hot inside the tent. Yet if we were to unzip the tent we’d get lots of mosquito bites. Luckily we brought a portable DVD player to entertain the kids while it rained outside.

It was really a no-stress holiday for me. The kids get to roam free in the wide open space, explore the beach as much as they like, swim and play with the sand whenever they want (they are literally in their swimmers 24/7). And at night they get to use the torch light/headlight to explore the beach. And the boys handled all the cooking and most of the cleaning up.

My son got too used to the idea of taking a leak in the nature that when we got home he didn’t bother going to the bathroom. My daughter who said she had a great time asked, “can we stay in a hotel the next time we go camping?”