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Finally, a social network safe for kids, 7-17

December 2, 2009

I was very excited when I saw this post by Social Media Mom, on MyAlltop this morning. Just a couple of weeks ago I met several mothers at fit for 2 cafe who voiced their concerns over Cyber bullying. They were also anxious that they weren’t clued in on the sites their kids were entering.

A few days after the conversation took place, my daughter’s friend invited her to open a Facebook account. I said no, to her because she is under 13. If I were to let her open an FB account and allow her to exaggerate her age, I guess what I am telling her is that it is ok to lie. The consequence would be, she may take it as a green light for her to enter other websites, even if they aren’t age-appropriate.

I checked out FaceChipz earlier today and am impressed at their security features. The site has a filter that block out swear words and inappropriate emoticons. It also disallows any search engines from picking up the kids’ postings . Read more on the safety and privacy highlights.

What is also interesting is, it provides Cyber Safety guidelines for parents and educators as well as a printable agreement for using the Internet which we can download and use as a contract with our children.

How FaceChipz works as a social network is, both parents and children have to sign up and pay USD1 for registration. Take note that only parents and guardian can pay for the registration via credit/debit cards.

The next step is to purchase Chipz from FaceChipz store. Children can then exchange their chips with other children, and this can only be done in person. After swapping the chipz they are then required to register the code printed behind the chipz on the website, before they can become friends.

Apparently FaceChipz is really catching on. I am planning to register my daughter and check out its popularity in Malaysia.

If you are reading this, and your children is a FaceChipz user, please let me know about your children and your experience. I would really love to hear from you.