Ever since we started homeschooling, we been getting a lot of  people questioning us on our decision. I would like to state here that our decision is purely personal. We have nothing against families who choose to keep their children in school. I believe everyone should choose what works best for them (in fact, in all areas, not just education).

I don’t usually go around announcing that we homeschool. But we do get ask, which school our children go to. And the only reason I always reply, we homeschool, is because I like telling the truth.

In my experience some parents who send their children to school became defensive and started questioning me about my level of discipline, the curriculum I use and sometimes my ability to juggle my roles.

So I’d like to emphasise that for me to be right I do not think other people has to be wrong. In fact I don’t even believe in right or wrong. All I am saying is this is our personal choice as a family and we do it because we can and we want to.

We prefer to move on with our choice and to continue to rethink education and coach our children the way we believe suit their interests and potentials.

If  you are still interested to know what makes me decide to homeschool, you can read more about it here


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