Leonardo the Terrible Monster

When I set eyes on this book I just knew I had to have it for my kids and off course for myself. This is Aditya’s & my favourite read at the moment.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster is hilarious! The book introduces Leonardo as a monster who’s just terrible at what he’s set out to do i.e scare people.  Simply put, Leonardo just wasn’t a scary monster. In fact, no one takes him seriously.

This is Leonardo

He’s not like Tony who has 1,642 teeth.

P.S check out Tony’s yellow tooth (second last row, 5th from right). Every time we get to this page, Aditya will ask,” how come Tony didn’t brush his teeth properly?” while pointing to the yellow tooth .

Leonardo isn’t big like Eleanor either. Guess if he was, his job would be easier.

Eleanor is so big she can't fit into the pages of the book! Check out the nail polish!

So Leonardo gets busy, doing research. The book continues with Leonardo’s quest for the perfect kid, for him to scare.

Aditya claims one of the pictures Leonardo crossed out is of him (Aditya). “I’m too strong and brave, he can’t scare me,” he told me.

I just love all the characters in the book. The story was written in such a way that it has allowed me to be creative in relating it to my two kids.

I think it's so cute that Leonardo has pink feet, hands and nose.

‘We’ve read Leonardo the Terrible Monster many times over. Yet we still have as much fun reading it now as we did the first time!


2 Responses to “Leonardo the Terrible Monster”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I love this one! Will hunt for it soon 🙂

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