Maisy’s Farm by Lucy Cousins

This is a pop-up playbook. When we went to a book store recently I promised my kids they can each pick up a book. Before we left my 4-year-old son was determined to get an Ultraman book.

Maisy's Farm

However when we got there he spotted this book and held it tight, under his arm.

What I like about this book is off course the illustration and the bright colours. And, since my kids have always been fascinated with the farm and its animals, this book is a great opportunity for them to learn  about working in the farm.

As this pop up book comes with cut out pieces like farm animals, machines, equipments as well as vegetables, the kids get to play pretend. This is especially wonderful for my four-year old who is into role playing. The book also comes with a little manual on farm activities.

Other fun way of using the book which I can think of, is to get my two kids tell a story, or perform a little sketch.

Did I mention I like the little details on the pop-up farm book?


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