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Letting a Play Date Takes its Course

June 8, 2009

Ishra's painting of the sea

Ishra's painting of the sea

I am more relaxed when it comes to my kids nowadays. Before, I used to get worked up over little things like when my kids spill drinks on the floor or stain their clothes.

Organising a play date was not an easy task for me either. I would get stress out maybe a day before the play date worrying about how it would turn out, what to feed the kids and whether they would enjoy the activity.

I soon realise children are really pretty easy to please. They don’t ask for much and they just know how to have fun. My job is to make sure that they are safe.

I also learn to let go and let the kids sort out their differences. They somehow always manage to do so on their own.

Today,  I organised a play date for my 7-year-old daughter. My  3-year-old son cried when his sister’s friend turned up saying, “I want my boyfriend!”

The girls didn’t want to play with him as he’s a boy and still quite small. I let them be, for a while. Now they are upstairs, my son in his superman costume, playing with the girls. Apparently they are having a tea party!