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One bad apple

June 13, 2008

My macbook charger busted the other. And my macbook is less than 3 months old. I was really disappointed as I am a mac fanatic. I expect apple products to be of high quality. On top of that I have been using mac for many years. This is the first time that I experience such a disappointment.

So I called the centre where I bought my macbook from. Unfortunately the technician was not around and I had to deal with a saleswoman who couldn’t be anymore unhelpful. 

I rely heavily on my mac book and when I asked the saleswoman if she had a spare charger to lend after I send my charger for repair, she was quick to say no. Coincidently I just had a bad day so I was really in no mood to hear her excuses. I explained to her that I need my macbook for my work and I can’t afford to not have access to it not even for a day.

So, I asked how she can help me solve my problem. Instead of providing me with alternatives, she gave me this analogy: If I send my car for repair, the mechanic will not give me a spare car. If any part of my car is damaged, I have to get it fixed or get a new one. 

In response to that, I told her that she was really unhelpful and to top it all she insinuated that her customer was stupid. How much more do I have to tolerate?

She maintained her calm and was very polite to me but polite is as polite does. What good is politeness when it doesn’t serve a client’s needs.

That incident got me to thinking of how important it is to listen to a client’s needs. And most of all to be tactful in the process of solving a situation. When dealing with a person, it is so important to be sensitive as people are very complex being. We never know what the person is going through and it’s best not to assume.

Take my situation for example, if it wasn’t for the string of unfortunate events I experienced that day, I would have probably been a bit more tolerant. But as  a customer I want my money’s worth. And if I buy a high quality product I expect a good after sales service. And, naturally I would go back to the shop I purchase the item from for assistance.

To me, it is just as simple as this, there are so many shops out there that sell similar products. But what really sets one shop apart from the rest is the service. People buy because of the service. For many famous brands like Apple, the name has already done the talking. 

That evening I went to the store which I bought my macbook from. Much to my delight the technician was there and he assisted me. He was quick to offer me a spare charger. As a customer that really calmed me down. Within a second my problem was solved. 

When I came back to pick up my new charger the week after, I brought a friend who made a few purchases.